Soft silk sarees are the most prized possession of any Indian woman. Soft Kanchipuram silk sarees authenticity cannot be compared with any other sari. Having these soft silk sarees in your wardrobe and in several varieties that are made in India, gives you a sense of achievement. Soft silk sarees are a must in every bridal trousseau as they are passed on from one generation to another and hence become the most cherished items.

Soft silk sarees
Soft silk sarees

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If you are a bride who loves a sober wedding, with toned down decorations and simple clothing. We know just the attire for you. No big Fat Indian wedding, but just a sweet evening with the people you love, by the sea or in the arms of those green meadows- it’s your call. But we here have a Pandora’s Box for all those handloom lovers. Now find the perfect silk saree done by the best of weavers in the country to wear on your wedding day.

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I’d like to cast some light on the famous handloom soft silk sarees which are woven and without zari and are perfect for a quiet evening with your loved ones. Let’s look at various handloom silk sarees which, with their brightness and legitimacy, will make you the attraction of any party.

Sambalpuri soft Silk sarees

True to their name, these silk sarees originate in the village of Sambalpur, Odisha. They are traditional hand woven silk sarees whose threads are first dyed and then the sari is woven intricately on the loom. Besides Sambalpur, there are many districts where these silk sarees are designed such as Bargarh, Sonepur, Balangir and Boudh. These silk sarees are particularly known for their motifs which are inspired from the beach culture of Odisha. An interesting aspect about Sambalpuri silk sarees is that they are woven by a special process known as Bandhakala. In this the warp and the weft are tied separately and dyed. Then, delicately they are woven on the loom by the expert weavers. This process takes about two to three weeks to complete.

This weaving technique makes these Soft silk sarees immensely popular and women love to experiment with these sarees. Be it for a formal occasion such as office wear or party wear/pujas. There are variations in Sambalpuri silk sarees which are listed below:

  • Barpali
  • Bomkai and Sonepuri
  • Bapta
  • Pasa

Kota Soft silk sarees

Kota Soft silk sarees, also known as Kota Doriya are made in the city of Kota, Rajasthan.  Because of their originality in Mysore and migration of weavers to Kota, they were called Kota-Masuria initially. Today, these soft silk sarees are also woven in some parts of UP. They are famous for their light weight and square like patterns named khats. For online soft silk sarees browse soft silk sarees

The weaving of Kota is done in a very unique way. On the surface, checkered patterns appear which are the show of the saree. For the delicacy of the sari to be maintained, it gives a unique finish. These soft silk sarees, after being woven on a pit loom, are smeared with rice paste and lemon juice in order to make the yarn strong.

The exclusivity of the soft silk sarees is owed to RHDC (Rajasthan Handloom Development Corporation). They are one of the leading producers of Kota Doria. They are even made in contemporary versions, now a days where borders have some patch work on them or are lifted up by intricate embroidery. Masuria comes in plenty of colors. You can see the whole shade card in this variety of silk sarees. Soft silk sarees are available at a number of places such as Chhabra 555, Jashn, Vogue Era, PinkShink, etc.

Although, these are just a very few kinds of handloom silk sarees discussed above, but you can find a plethora of silk sarees at a lot of stores. I will give you the list of places; you can go to, for your handloom relish. They have every variety. Be it – Kalamkari, Tussar silk, Kancheepuram or any other kind. These stores have it all.

Shiuli – It is a company that works with the weavers and craftsmen across the entire country. They thrive to preserve the crafts in the form of textiles of India. They bring contemporary interpretations onto the rich and bright textiles. This Love of theirs for the Indian textiles is what attracts the wearer towards their handloom soft silk sarees. Their block printing is one of a kind and if you are looking for traditional block printed silk sarees with some contemporary fusion, Shiuli is your place.

Crafts Collection: it is another one of those popular handloom showrooms, which showcase the legitimacy of Odisha. Started by an ex-banker Sonali Das, this store brings forward the best of crafts of Odisha weavers and their paintings. From Pattachitra to Sambalpuris to Ikats to Tussar Silks, this portal has every craft that you would cherish for an entire lifetime. Crafts Collections stresses on the history of the state created by each weaver to bring them the respect and demand that their work deserves.

Karomi- Awarded the UNESCO award of Excellence in Handicrafts in the years 2012 and 2014, Karomi, till date stands still in its position. It is known for its famous Jamdaani and Khadijaamdani.  Color sensibility and design are one of their strongest points. With that, they also hold a unique craft of creating textures on a sari with different kinds of thread work. Soft silk sarees bring forward the traditional works of Bengal juxtaposed with modern variations of the brand. So get your hands on their exclusive collection by Karomi.

Rema Kumar – She is a textile designer based in Delhi who has been working with the craftsmen of the country for almost two decades. Her work is a combination of tradition with innovation. She works with all kinds of crafts i.e. Bandhani, Kanjeevaram, Kota Doriya,etc. Her knowledge about the various crafts is showcased on the textiles she builds with the artisans. Her work is a true reflection of the modern India.

These brands are one of the best brands in the entire country for handloom silk sarees. They work with the weavers themselves to create collections which leave you in awe. All these brands are exclusively online on a portal called Jharonka – a sister concern of Craftsvilla which only gathers all kinds of handloom sarees and clothing. This online portal is a must visit and a hands on experience to the most authentic crafts of our country.